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Your Health and You Over 40

Your Health & You Over 40

You either have excellent genes or you will have to work 100 times harder to keep it all in one place, looking and feeling good.

All the way into my late 30's I was feeling like a teenager (sometimes even acting like one); I didn't have gray hairs (well except for one place); my knees didn't squeak; I didn't need progressive lens (still don't think I do, but they insist - read the drama here); I didn't have a thyroid issue; I wasn't so picky with food; I wasn't so moody (hmmm - maybe I should scratch this one); I didn't have pimples or stray chin hairs; my butt didn't feel this heavy and I sure as heck could hold my pee longer (trust me the little things count).

Today, we take a look at some of the changes our bodies go through after 40; albeit that these can occur before 40, slowly creep into the 40's with you, or just never occur. I think we can all agree that we would prefer the latter. But these changes are all a part of this wonderful journey called life, so we embrace them!

Life begins at 40!

1. You and your body parts don't see eye to eye anymore

Just try sitting on the floor and getting up. Yes, I agree some of us are more nimble than others. For the not-so-nimble, you start making that weird sound you use to hear yah gran-mama make and you wonder, what the heck!

Once upon a time, you could also probably see your body parts below your belly quite easily, without tipping forward. Some still can. Great! Remedy - eat healthily and exercise. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Plus reducing your waist inches reduces the likelihood of diabetes.

2. Your vision

Let's just say this is an ongoing battle with me and my ophthalmologist - check it out here. You develop dry eyes, you can't thread a needle anymore, bright lights affect you, you can't read without them anymore and the list could go on. As we speak, I'm having to draw for the progressives because my eyes have now started to hurt. Sigh!

3. Weight Loss Battle

"Our metabolism decreases about 5 percent for every decade we are alive," Boling said in her article about tackling weight gain after 40. Sodas, pizzas, ice cream and cake are not so easy to hide again. You can't just revel in them and then do a 20-minute workout the next day and it's gone. Nope. Furthermore, for the not-so-lucky ones, like myself, this is when you find out about certain health issues - like thyroidism, which in my case makes it very difficult to lose weight. What that means is a 360-degree lifestyle change, taken in small doses of course to make it more realistic and manageable. Also, remember the saying, it's 80% food and 20% exercise. All-in-all, get your health checks done and speak with your nutritionist and doctor to find out the best solutions for you.

4. Gravity

Quite self explanatory don't yah think. Luckily there are many options out there to help with lifting, tucking and perking. Just saying.

5. Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

There is a little thing called chin hair that appears, most times, only in public and disappears once you get home and get out that tweezer. Remember the debate I had about whether we should have a magnifying mirror or not? Well, girlfriends, this is where it comes in handy. As for your other hair, well you all know where that's heading eventually. Again, if you have good genes you have nothing to worry about. If not, the wig market supply is endless.

6. Craving Nuts and Seeds

We use nuts and seeds in everything, in all forms possible, as if our lives depended on it. Maybe it does though.

7. Perimenopause

Perimenopause - the transition into menopause. Hip hip hooray‍, no more monthly saga. Yeah right. This also has its fair amount of issues.

This is the time when our estrogen levels start to rise and fall unevenly, which may in turn cause your cycles to lengthen or shorten. Ladies brace yourself, if you think you're having hot flashes, yup it might just be that. If you have difficulty sleeping, yup you can blame Ms. Perimenopause for that too and, if your "vajayjay" is dry as the desert...yup blame Ms. Peri.

Other symptoms may include: headaches, random hair growth (#5 above), changes in libido (from zero to nuff), weight re-distribution or gain, mood swings from anxiety, anger and unexplained sadness to uncontrollable laughter and crying and then there is also some short-term memory loss. Exciting times ahead.

8. Tear Ducts That Go For Runs

Is it only me or do you find yourself crying for everything? Just the mere question, "how are you," c