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Things Women Over 40 Should Not Have

Ladies, this is gonna be a long one. And you know it too. After all, you are over 40, which means you have spent years acquiring things and people while forming certain habits. Some of these "things" we have not even looked at in years and have no clue what purpose they now serve in our lives. Talk truth, am I not right?

I know it's hard for us to separate ourselves from some of these things, especially because we tend to be emotionally attached to everything. Well I know I use to be. I am learning to let go of things, people and situations. If the thing doesn't make me sparkle, isn't practical or have some real benefit or use in my current life - out it goes. Same for people, if they are toxic to my life, yup, out they go too. Yes, you heard me right, you will need to get rid of some people out of your life and make way for new ones. No joke.

Anyway, I don't believe we have an issue with acquiring new things; it makes us happy. On the contrary, however, "getting rid of" is a whole different matter. But I sincerely believe that we need to purge. Ideally, you should be doing this once a year, however, if you've spent most of your early adult life acquiring without purging then ages 40 to 45 seem to be the perfect time for that. Why this specific age? Because that's the time I realized how much I needed to do it and how fulfilling it has been. Plus it's the time when others who have gone before seem to do it too. And, it's the age where it just seems natural to start fixing everything in your life. You no longer have tolerance for clutter or nonsense (or you shouldn't) and you no longer care for people's "utterances." Unless of course, it's going to help you improve in some way or another.

So let's get the party started. Today we are going to talk about the things you should not have if you are a woman over 40. But don't feel anyway if you have any of these things, I'm right here with you, guilty as charged, we're in this together. Grab a glass, or a bottle, of wine, and let's purge!

Oh, before we do that, let me put in a disclaimer. I have friends who are not yet 40 who decided I was being unfair when I published my blog post on July 1st stating that the entire month of July was being dedicated to women over 40. So, to all my family, friends, and followers under 40, feel free to start forming these habits from now; purge and renew, because 40 isn't that far away. Okay? Good.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let's go tackle the things women over 40 should never have (or try not to have).

The Must Not Haves

1. Dingy Towels and Bedsheets

If you're getting a body scrub from your towels and bedsheets then I think it's full time you toss them out. If they're discolored and full of holes and strings, then it's time to toss them. If they feel like cardboard against your skin then it's time to.....yeah...sing it with me now...🎤TOSS THEM OUT! I firmly believe in having good sheets and towels and you DO NOT need a cupboard full.

2. Posters and Pictures Without Frames

Now I know we all have some of these hanging around. Even some from college or high school for that matter. If you really, honest to God, can't tear yourself away from them, then here's what you do. Invest in some cute storage boxes and pack them away neatly somewhere or use the cute storage boxes as display, with them hidden inside. If you're so inclined to keep one hanging, make sure it's framed and looks like a nice piece of art.

3. Expired or Old Makeup

I get it, they ain't cheap, but neither is going to a dermatologist. When was the last time you cleaned out your make-up bag/draw? I'm sure some of you just scratched your eyebrows. I know I did when I read Hoffpost's article on it. Ladies, please visit your make-up bags and purge.

Here's a list of how long you should be keeping your makeup:

Eyeliners and Lip Liners

6 months to a year

Mascaras, Liquid Eyeliners

3 to 6 months


​1 to 2 years

Translucent powders, compressed powders, blush, eyeshadow

Foundations, Mousse, Concealers

up to 6 months

if they are in a pump bottle - up to 2 years

Lipstick, Lip Gloss

​ up to 2 years

Failing the above rule of thumb, use your senses, literally, if it doesn't smell good...toss it. If the color, texture, or smell changes...toss it!

Confession. After writing this section, I got up and went in search of my make-up bag and purged. Yup. There were a few that my senses told me had to go. Yikes!

4. Shoes That Hurt

Just get rid of them, plain and simple - give them away or sell them. Make somebody else's feet happy, because they aren't making yours happy. Ladies, remember now, it's the age of classy, sexy, and comfy. Why do you want blisters and pain unnecessarily? At this age honey, some other form of pain is gonna start coming. Don't add to it! But if you insist, then try out one of these options over on Bright Side.

5. Old, Tattered or Broken Furniture

If they are expensive, antique, pieces that you can restore, do so. Otherwise, donate them to goodwill or toss them if they are too far gone. If they are not old, tattered, or broken, but just don't fit into your over-40 decor, or body support anymore, like those butterfly chairs or futons - sell/donate/toss them.

6. A Futon

I know one of my girlfriends reading this right now will be in absolute shock as she just bought one from me. However, to be fair to both of us, it won't be in either of our homes. A futon is not something you need in your house after 40. If you are in college, yes. Just starting out on your own, yes. Over 40, NO!

7. Clothing & Underwear That Don't Fit

Need I say more? I don't think so. Scoot back up to #4 and re-read. Another thing, do you remember all those clothes you have hanging in your closet or packed away in your drawers that you hope to fit back into one day? Yes, those same ones; give them away! You're not gonna fit back into them anytime soon and even if you do, trust me, you're not gonna wanna wear them. Make somebody else's life better and donate to them. Plus, what better way to reward yourself if you lose some weight than to buy a nice, new piece? WIN-WIN! Furthermore, at this age, we want to wear clothes that are flattering to our now body types. So, start purging by following these 6 easy steps: Declutter your Family's Closet in 6 Easy Steps Using the KonMari Method

You will hear me talk a lot about donating and that's because I believe strongly in giving back, in any way possible; whether it's monetarily, your time, or in kind. We are not on this earth for ourselves only, we need to learn how to pay it forward.

8. CD's - DVD's - Cassettes on Display

Are these pieces of Picasso art? I didn't think so. Remember now. What does this age stand for? CLASSY. Good. Now go pack those away in a nice storage box or CD/DVD Binder. I can literally hear the murmurs.

9. Flimsy Plastic Chairs & Tables

These are neither suitable for your indoor or outdoor spaces. As a friend of mine always says, "stay with me now, stay up here in the helicopter with me." In other words, UP TO YUH TING! (Translation: your thing should be on higher levels). YOU, as well as your guests, should be comfortable and plastic chairs and tables are neither comfortable nor classy. With that said, I know that furniture can be expensive, whether indoor or outdoor, but you don't have to go buy the whole store one time. Budget, buy them one at a time if you have to. Or get them made. You can always rent the plastic stuff for a party.

10. Wire Hangers

I don't like them. They tend to mess up clothes, my blouses in particular. I have started to invest in some nice, thin, space-saving, coated, or wrapped hangers, which I find to be so much better and cute too.

Oh My Gosh! This list is turning out to be quite a list!

11. Old Receipts and Paperwork

If it does not constitute some form of legal documentation that you are required to keep, such as house titles, birth certificates, and other such important documents, toss it, or rather, shred them. Why do you need your last 5 years payslips, water bills, and credit card receipts? If for whatever reason you need to keep them, scan them and save them in your email, Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud account you may have.

12. Tableware Gone Bad

Plastic, toss it. Unless you have grandkids or small children that come over, in which case, get yourself some disposables. For all other tableware - cutlery, glassware, crockery, etc., broken, chipped, cracked, and/or discolored - toss them. Especially those plastic wine glasses. Check out the dangers of using broken dishes here.

13. Old Perfumes

Perfumes don't necessarily expire, but over time the scents change. If it starts to smell funky or irritates you, toss it. The same goes for body sprays. I think by now you've already decided on the scents you like, no need for a tray full of them.

14. Cheap Jewelry

If your jewelry has started to look tacky and washed out with pieces missing, honey I think it's time for them to go. They looked cool on you once, but not anymore. Invest in a few nice, classy, expensive/expensive-looking pieces. You only need a few good pieces. You don't need a whole draw full, that's overrated.

15. Fake Flowers

I can understand the need for fake flowers if you don't have a green thumb. Nothing wrong with that, but get something tasteful like this one and when it gets old and washy, toss it.

16. Half Dead Plants

For those of you who love the idea of flowers but can't take care of them, do yourself a favor and get some nice fake ones or ones that are so hardy, it would be considered a sin if you actually killed them. Try the ZZ plant, it's a good "air cleaner."

17. Girly Cell Phone Cases

I was surprised to see this one on a list, but then it's true. Over 40 women really don't need a phone case with glitter and bows. We need practicality, something that can hold our cards, some cash, or just be plain or protective.

18. Stuffed Toys and Dolls

Here goes another confession. I still have stuffed toys: a pooh bear, Ele (elephant), and my dog. I'm still, un-apologetically, keeping those until such time. Roll your eyes if you must.

On to more pressing things than my Pooh Bear. Even though the next one might have been your Pooh Bear for a long time.

19. Your Ex or Your Ex's Stuff

There is a reason they are your Ex. As such neither them nor their stuff should play a part in your life, except when it comes to the kids you've created. Now to be fair, not all EX's are the devil or his brother. There are some good ones out there and the only reason they may be your Ex is that you've grown apart, and frankly some relationships are better as friendships than as lovers. However, you don't need his stuff hanging around. So, get rid of what I call the "hand-me-downs", like his old t-shirts that you use to sleep in and any other clothing or stuff he left, which you've kept. Purge girl. Purge!

Image courtesy of Amazon

20. Magnifying Glass/Mirror

I think I saved this one for last because, well honestly, it's twofold. Some say you don't need it because you are going to start obsessing over every little bump etc. if you have it. While others say you need it to find all those stray hairs because your eyesight is no longer what it use to be.

I'm just gonna leave the verdict out on this one. What say you? Should it go or should it stay? That sounds like a song. Hmm.

Do you have any of the above items still? Is there anything else you want to add to this list? Hit me up in the comment box or send me a message.

Next week, I'll take a look at the opposite, "What Women Over 40 Should Own or At Least Have." Until then my fellow over 40 folks, start purging. Tell me how it went.


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Deon Cecile
Deon Cecile
Jul 10, 2019

Ms. Charms says, 'Thanks for the reminder. Some things are hard to let go girl!




Don't I know it. But we must purge. It's frees up space, clears our mind and gives us more room to just be. Happy purging Ms. Charms!


Deon Cecile
Deon Cecile
Jul 10, 2019

Ms. S.F says...'Love it...I am so guilty of'


Deon Cecile
Deon Cecile
Jul 10, 2019

NHD says...'Now I have an overwhelming urge to clean my closet and clear off my vanity...leave me alone.'




Well NHD...get busy and get to purging girl. No time like the present.


Deon Cecile
Deon Cecile
Jul 10, 2019

One reader sent me an email saying...'Moved out of my apartment to do a reno, which I thought would have taken a month. It’s now week 5 BUT I’m freaking out because as I get ready to move back I know I should be purging and the task seems ‘bigger’ than me. In panic mode and think I’ll take another 2 weeks and just do it!! Thanks Sent from my iPhone


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