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Things Women Over 40 Should Have

Things Women Over 40 Should Have

As women over 40 we are moving into the age of classy, sleek, stylish, comfortable, and elegant. We no longer want clutter and confusion, suffocating or outdated fashion, a broken bank account, or a home that's hard to keep clean. Well at least I know this is true for me.

Last week I touched on some of the things women over 40 should not have. If you didn't get a chance to read the article, well then, hop on over and read it here.

Boy did I hit some nerves! My readers said I made them feel all sorts of things; like thinking of themselves as hoarders and junk collectors, some of them told me to "get out of their homes." Oh the shock of it! I wasn't even there, it wasn't me (like Shaggy).

Ladies what you all don't realize is that I was right there with you (on some things). I confessed to them, openly. I would never leave you out there in the cold all by yourself. The only difference is, I got a head start, so my purging has been going on for a few years now.

Anyway, whether you mustered the courage to start purging, or not, let's talk about some of the Things Women Over 40 Should Actually Have. Remember this is all subjective and you are free to have, or not have, whatever you want.

Let's do some therapy now️ to fix the damage caused by purging last week...let's go!

The Must-Haves

1. That Little Black Dress

Yes, the phenomenal, age-old, little black dress that every woman should have, no matter what age. The thing is, it just seems more relevant and handier than ever now. Why? Because half the time we convince ourselves that there is nothing else in our closets that can work, but this. Furthermore, it tends to work for all occasions, if you have the right style that is.

2. A Statement Leather Handbag

We are known to have multiple handbags, for every season and reason under the sun. Please don't get up and go hide your bags, like I'm in your house again. I know you have them, I was once like that, maybe still to some extent. But nowadays I find that I work with one bag. It doesn't matter where I am going, what I am wearing, or how many I have in storage. Seriously. It's just so much easier.

A statement leather handbag though is a serious investment as it ain't cheap, at least not the really, really nice ones. But they can last for years. So, invest wisely, get something you are really gonna love for a long time; preferably in a neutral tone that goes with everything. Me, I like color so this yellow bag would be just perfect. Note to self - get back another one - retail therapy.

3. A Rolling Pin or a Heavy-Duty Frying Pan

I'm sure she won't remember this, but someone, who shall remain nameless, once told me that I need to have these two items. Young, and I guess naive, as I was, I asked why and she simply responded - to slap the shit out of your husband if he ever lifts a finger to you or if you have an intruder. I did get the frying pan but never the rolling pin, I figured a rum bottle could suffice for the rolling pin; drink it, then use it.

4. Nice PJ's

Wondering why yet? It's not because you may get sick and need to go to the hospital. Although, as my mother always says, "make sure you have good undies and a decent nightie (PJ) just in case of illness." But for this purpose, I am referring to non-hospital events. Girls stop sleeping in your wholly, wholly t-shirt just because it is big and comfortable, worse if you have a man. For heaven's sake get yourself some nice sleepwear. It does wonders for your psyche and your relationship.