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Tears. What are they?

I've cried the tears of a thousand. I've cried the tears of one.  And each time the result is the same. It's freeing.

Tears represent, for me, a myriad of feelings; from weak to scary; bold to beautiful; sad to happy, to feelings I can't even begin to describe. I often ask myself, how can one act create or engage so many emotions in one person? What is it about crying that makes one bare their soul to the strangest of strangers and friendliest of folks?

For heaven's sake, the tears come flowing just by cutting up onions.

Our tears speaks volumes. According to Photographer, Rose-Lynn Fisher, in her series 'The Topography of Tears,' she found that tears gathered from different situations, viewed under a microscope, had different molecules and all showed various structures when photographed.

Here are 10 facts about tears that you may or may not know already.

  1. There are 3 kinds of tears: reflex, emotional and basal. Reflex tears are what I call 'onion' tears; they usually form when something irritates us. Emotional tears are pretty much me, my tears show up at anytime, unannounced and sometimes for no reason. And there is basal or psychic tears which helps to protect our eyes and keep them lubricated.

  2. Did you know that your tears have 3 distinct layers? Yup they do, they are their own little people. There's the mucous, aqueous and oily layers. Mucous layer is 'Mr. Attachment.' Aqueous - 'Mr. Hydration.' Oily Layer - 'Mr. Lubricant.' Tears are a clear liquid made up mostly of water and can be found in all land mammals. But research shows humans are the only ones who shed emotional tears, while animals produce tears to protect or lubricate their eyes. Wait a minute! But research says that crocodiles shed tears when they eat. OMG! So, if those aren't emotional tears, are those reflex tears because their meal is irritating them? Or, are they basal tears because they are lubricating their eyes to see their meal better? Either way, they ain't getting emotional over it so stay away from the crocodiles and the gators. OK! Because, 'crocodile tears' are real.

  3. No matter how hard you try, you can't run out of tears. You may produce less due to aging or health issues, but your tears can't run dry. Women over 40 this affects you more than men, due to menopause.

  4. Have you ever wondered why your nose tends to run when you cry? That's because your tears go on a journey down some small channels into your tear ducts, mixes with mucus in your nasal passage and then out through your nose. Now isn't that fascinating? I don't recall learning this in school, or did I? Hmmm. Well now I know.

  5. Babies don't produce tears in the first month, they cry, but there are no actual tears.

  6. Remember back up in #1 I said tears help to lubricate and protect the eyes? Well lack of that lubrication can cause serious issues, such as; corneal abrasion, dry irritated eyes that itch a lot, vision disturbances and infection. I would suggest some of you start crying.

  7. Do you realize that when you yawn you produce tears? Now, talk truth, how many of you just yawned to prove that...😂

  8. Our tears contain an enzyme called lysozyme that helps to kill bacteria (sounds like lysol 😏 and they both do the same work).

  9. Normally, a woman's tears decreases a man's sexual arousal. So says study author and neuroscientist, Noam Sobel. Think on these thinks!

Did you know all 10 facts?  I certainly didn't. But now you know that your tears are not so bad after all. Stop holding back your tears folks. It's a good thing.  They are healthy. Let them flow. IT'S FREEING! 

'I cry very easily. It can be a movie, a phone conversation, a sunset - tears are words waiting to be written.'~ Paulo Coelho


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