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Jamaica Giants: An Exquisite Mix of Art and Nature

'Art is a harmony parallel with nature.' ~ Paul Cezanne

Jamaica Giants Nature Tour & Sculpture Park

Jamaica Giants Nature Tour & Sculpture Park, a hidden gem that encapsulates nature at its purest, art unspeakable and of course fresh air in abundance.

Age Old Cotton Trees

When my Bestie said she wanted to go see this place, up in the hills, that has carvings made from limestone, I was a bit hesitant but I went along because of my love for art and nature. On the way however, I practically started having a panic attack. Now let me be very clear, I'm a born and bred country girl, but mi geezaz, the drive up to this place got me a teenie weenie bit concerned. Not a human in sight after we made the left turn onto Black River Road (maybe because it was a Sunday afternoon). Oh. Do not turn right onto 'Old Road' and if you look straight ahead on the light pole you will see a tiny sign that points left and says 'Jamaica Giants.' Note to others, if you can, drive a SUV or 4-wheel drive. Otherwise just tek yuh time and navigate the holes, dips and rugged terrain very carefully. Coming down seems to be much easier though.

Anyway, I don't even know where to start as I was experiencing such bliss and pure joy from the very moment I stepped out of my car. The breath taking view was enough for me to forget my previous panic attack and my repeated question of, 'yuh sure wi going the right way, afta mi nuh si nuttin but bush n bad road.' Plus no light posts and or mobile service for a little while. Nevertheless. ALAS. Here we were, on the grounds of an old plantation in Moreland Hill, Westmoreland, Jamaica, where we were met by Mr. Matthews and taken on our tour by Junior. Beautiful people.

Life-like sculptures

Set on an old plantation of approximately 4,000 acres, there was an abundance of life-like sculptures on the grounds, all carved out of limestone in the exact spots that they are embedded. Sculptor, Fitzroy Russell was able to capture the imaginations of owner, businessman and nature lover, Ricky Jackson.

Each sculpture has a story from slavery, to the bible to family, to simply wild imagination. The first carving was done in 2015 and now there are multiple gardens with sculptures, including the wishing well with the wise, the beggar, the cripple and the sick.

The Wise, The Beggar, The Cripple, The Sick

There are 2 houses on the property, one of which is a 2 story great-house which was extensively restored. Both houses hosts the art galleries containing wooden sculptures by Fitzroy Russell, paintings by Bruce Allen and glass etchings. The 2 story great-house boasts a breathtaking 360 degree view overlooking the historic Frome Sugar Factory and views as far as Negril Point.

Beautiful Board-Walk leading up to the Great-House

This excursion will be worth your time, especially if you are an art and nature lover. It's a beautiful experience to be treasured. I will definitely be back once the restaurant and bar is open.

Things To Note

  1. Approximately 30 - 40 minutes from Negril

  2. Tour approximately 1hr and 15 minutes

  3. Entry fee for both locals and foreigners

  4. Bathroom facilities available

  5. Restaurant & bar in progress

  6. Special arrangements can be made through their website


For more details, check out their facebook page @JamaicaGiants


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