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Your Covid Summer Essentials

Summer is upon us which usually means we start pulling out our beach wear, sunscreen, suitcases and flip flops. Let the summer travels begin! But hold up; wait a minute; brakes - it's Covid time (sounds like a song). Well then, it's time to rethink our plans a bit. With many of us being limited by the different levels of Covid restrictions in our countries, coupled with this unbearable heat, there's going to have to be a new dispensation on how we spend our summer months. Good news is, there's always a way to navigate ruff waters - ask a sailor - while still having some fun and relaxation, and most importantly, staying safe and Covid free.

But before we do all of that, we'll need to adjust our summer essentials bag. Last summer I shared my top 6 "summer essentials - must haves". These items still remain but now I've added a few more to make that road trip/summer vacation (staycation) safer.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links means, I will earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you, whenever you click on any of the links and make an actual purchase.

Check out my top 10 list below.

1. The Corona Kit.

And #1 goes to, drum-roll, the "corona kit." Now more than ever we have to practice safer hygiene and being in public spaces makes it so much more important to have this kit with you at all times. So what's in our "corona kit?"

  1. disinfecting wipes or regular wipes

  2. face masks - disposable (preferably) or reusable

  3. hand sanitizer

  4. rubbing alcohol

  5. hand soap

  6. hand towel

  7. tissue

  8. small trash bags

  9. disinfecting spray

Depending on the length of your trip, items in your kit can be travel size versions or you can get larger options and make a 'big-sized' kit that stays in your car trunk. Most of these items have been a staple in my car long before Corona. Case in point, I always have a tub of disinfecting wipes in one of my cup holders and I've always practiced wiping down my hands once I re-enter my car. I also have an emergency kit that stays in my trunk with all of the above plus a change of clothing and other personal products. You never know!

Mini emergency kit
Mini emergency kit

2. Sunglasses

These are a must have, no two ways about that. Invest in a good pair or two or even three. Get as funky as you want with the designs. Check out these from Zeelool.

3. Sun screen

This is a no-brainer. It's just a must have! It protects your skin from the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation. Use SPF 15 or higher.

4. Swim wear

Unless you plan to go naked, which by all means is optional, then you can rock whatever floats your boat. Whether it's a bikini, speed-o, shorts or t-shirt, just look sexy. And if you didn't get around to getting that summer body you dreamed about or even started working on...blame it on Covid.

5. Sarong

Wear it as an accessory with your swimwear or as part of your outfit. Wet and want to get out of the swimwear without having to put on much clothing? Then a sarong is also a good option.

6. Loose Comfortable Clothing

It's hot, may get even unbearably hotter. Wear comfortable, breathable clothing. Of course a good old pair of jeans or shorts are a must have.

7. Hat

Apart from the fact that they're stylish, hats are quite protective as well. They help to ward off the sun's harmful rays and protect your eyes, hair and skin. Did you know that constant squinting of the eyes can cause you to have more wrinkles around the eyes? Yup. So wear those hats and sun glasses and reduce the squint😀.

8. Jewelry

I still believe in being glam, no matter the occasion. Add a little something that gives your outfit a pop.

9. Water bottle

Never leave home without it. Keep hydrated!

10. Beach Towel / Blanket

Something perfect for the beach, riverside or the park. Lie down and be one with nature.

There you have it folks, my top 10 picks for your summer essentials bag. Hope you enjoyed reading. Continue to remain glam, comfortable, safe and healthy while having fun this summer.

What do you have in your summer essentials bag? Let me know.

~ Blessings, Love & Light ~

Deon Cecile


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