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Getting Older is Like Lemonade and Chips

Getting Older is Like Lemonade and Chips

Icy Cold and Tangy!

Refreshing and Sweet!

Crispy and Ranchy!

Crunchy and Salty!

Which lemonade and chips combo are you🤔

I know some people are wondering how I can liken getting older to lemonade and a bag of chips. Crazy right? Maybe, but hear me out. What comes to mind when you think of or consume lemonade and chips? Let your mind run wild for a minute, or two. Did you think crispy, tart, salty, delightful, refreshing, sweet, and tangy? Well, those are just a few that came to my mind. Plus, you want to have them all the time, well, maybe not all the time, but more often than you should. Not to mention all the flavors that they come in these days which create a new set of feelings and emotions when your tastebuds get tantalized.

And, just as getting older comes with an array of emotions, feelings, and health restrictions, so does having lemonade and chips. 

Chips and dip bowl


Let’s face facts, chips are a comfort food that makes most people happy. When we have a bag of chips, whether salty or sweet, hot and spicy, or some other flavor, our brain translates all that munching and crunching into dopamine. The reward and the pleasure!

I don’t know about you, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve expanded in flavors, just like a bag of chips. I’m flavorful! 

For example, today as I write this article I feel like a regular, schmegular bag of chips – not too much of any flavor.

On the other hand, yesterday I felt like a, well, like a stale bag of ranch chips – all the tangy and buttermilk creamy flavor had gone. 

As life's journey unfolds, it's much like reaching into the bag-a-chips, you never know exactly what you're going to get.

Lemonade Stainless Steel Tumbler


Imagine, it’s swelteringly hot outside. All you can think about is something to cool you down. Ahhh, lemonade! You smile. It’s sweet, a little tart, yet oh so refreshing!

Aren’t you like that some days? 

As we get older, we tend to, at least for me, show our emotions more. Some days I can be the sweetest little thing with such a refreshing aura. Other days, that tart be showing and you’re going to know it.  Emotions, much like the varying degrees of tartness in lemonade, become more pronounced with age. Some days, we radiate sweetness, while on others, not so much.

Nevertheless, lemonade is like the wisdom we’re supposed to have as we grow older; you know when it’s good for you and when you’ve had too much.

"In the midst of this flavorful journey, we gain wisdom akin to discerning the right balance in our lemonade."~Deon Cecile


As the bag of chips empties and the glass of lemonade dwindles, we come to the profound realization that aging is not a loss of flavor but a culmination of diverse and rich experiences. It's about embracing the uniqueness of each day, much like enjoying the distinctive taste of every chip and relishing the nuanced sweetness of every sip of lemonade. May we find comfort in the familiar crunch and taste that brings us joy, while we savor the sweet tartness of the lemonade. May we laugh heartily, and relish the richness that life, like a bag of chips and a glass of lemonade, generously offers.

Cheers ❤️

Deon Cecile





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