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Women Over 40 - STAND UP !

Earlier in June, while planning what I want to write about, I initially thought of running a nice summery theme between July and August. Then one day, while talking to one of my girlfriends, she made mention that she would do an article for my blog. I was super excited because I had asked before and she'd totally ignored me. Anyway, when she told me what she would write about I decided then and there to switch gears and change the theme. And so, I went from a summery, breezy theme, to a theme about all that surrounds women over 40. After all, why not, we are both over 40 and so are many of our female friends. Then, I thought, maybe I should wait until next year when international women's day comes around again. Nope. To heck with that. Who said we can't have multiple days or months celebrating and discussing women. I'm gonna make a whole month of it.

So, the entire month of July is being dedicated to all my strong, empowered, resourceful, independent women over 40; married, single, in between or undecided.

Ladies, under 40, no offense, but you'll get here soon enough. Trust us! Feel free to read and learn some new things.

What's so special about after 40?

...Ohhhh boy. Over 40 is the new sh**! 40 IS THE NEW 30. Disclaimer...only on some days, other days, you feel like 50 and beyond; or you're actually 50 and beyond and can relate to the struggles. I kid you not. Oh my goodness. You have no idea of all the changes that slap you over 40. I don't believe I was properly warned or prepared. Sometimes I'm not sure if this is the point where they say you're going through mid-life crisis or not but oh my gosh. One thing's for sure, over 40 is where you begin to realize some things or cement them. Like:

  • 'adulting' is super hard - why in God's heaven did we want to grow up;

  • coming out of your nightie is a ritual - the struggle is real;

  • staying home instead of going out to hang is like winning the lottery;

  • getting out of bed to deal with people develops your relationship with the Lord. Otherwise you'd be walking around slapping the 'begeezas' out of people everyday and cussing so much there's no way you'd make it through heaven's doors;

  • being financially secure is like being an addict, you just have to have it;

  • people's opinion of you really DOES NOT matter - unless it will help you to improve in some way;

  • being happy is like alcohol - both make you happy;

  • your family and friends are of utmost importance and should not be taken for granted;

  • your hormones will take you on regular roller coaster rides - no need to go to the amusement park. Actually the amusement park would probably be more fun;

  • you stop apologizing and become a 'bad-ass' if you weren't one before.

Anyway, during this month I will share with you an array of stories, music and quotes; from dating and marriage to sex; business and entrepreneurship to feeling like giving up; I don't give a rat's ass to profoundness. Yup, it's gonna be an interesting month ahead. So, to all my strong, empowered, resourceful, independent women over 40, here's to you and everything about you. Stand up and take a bow. Take the good, the bad, the ugly and make wine with it. Continue to watch this space. Take in all I'm about to throw at you. Join the conversation and share your thoughts with me. Like an article? Let me know and share it with your friends.

Even if you're not yet 40...your time is coming...slide into it with knowledge and grace, vim and vigor and just 'slay it' girl.


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