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12 Things To Declutter From Your Bathroom

12 Things to Declutter from Your Bathroom

“Bathroom: A Place For Privacy, For Refreshing, Soaking And Unwinding, A Unique Place For Five Minutes Peace, The Best Seat In The House.” ~

So, why then would you want this sanctuarious space to be cluttered and at war with your vibe, hmmm? Well, let’s fix that.

In last week’s Declutter Tuesday article we looked at tip #6 in my 30 Small Bites to #Clutter Freedom5 Reasons Why You Should Declutter Your Bathroom.” This week we’re going to explore tips #7 through #18 when we look at12 Things to Declutter from Your Bathroom.”

Now, read ahead, get it done, and then thank me later. 12 tips, 2 per day, 15 minutes max. per day, done within a week. I know you’re gonna tell me just how splendid you feel at the end of the week. I’m waiting.

Tip #1 – Towels, Linen, Wash Rags

Does your towel and wash rag feel like grater against your skin? Do they look old, worn-out, holey-holey, and/or stained? If they do, heaven forbid, it’s time to part company - trash them or use them as rags to clean floors or as pet towels (not that your pets should suffer, so you might want to reconsider this). Make room for fresh, functional, less skin-scrubbing, fancy stuff.

Tip #2 – Shower Curtains and Mats

Yes, shower curtains are still a thing, as are mats, however, if they are worn, or no longer suit your taste or style, then it’s time to trash them. If they are in good condition, you can consider donating them. One note on mats, please don’t overdo it, you only need one good piece in your bathroom, 2 max., more than that and it gets cluttered and unsightly.

Tip #3 - Expired or Unused Toiletries

Dispose of old or expired toiletries like expired cosmetics, or toiletry products you no longer use. For example, the sample stuff you take home from your hotel stays and never use. Or those you get at product shows. Give them away if they are still good. Or use them to wash your pets.

Tip #4 – Toothbrushes

Sometimes you just need a reminder to change them.

Tip #5 – Multiple Hair and Skincare Products

Keep only the essentials and declutter duplicate or rarely used hair and skin care products that take up space.

Tip #6 – Hair Accessories

Hair accessories look cute, but only for a time. If they are bent out of shape, stretched out, or have missing pieces, toss them or repurpose them in your garden to hold plant spikes, etc.

Tip # 7 - Unused or Broken Appliances

If you have hairdryers, straighteners, or other appliances that no longer work or that you no longer use, discard the bad stuff and consider donating the good ones.

Tip #8 – Shavers

We, women and men, tend to have multiple shavers, half of them don’t even work. Go through and toss the old stuff.

Tip #9 – Medications and Vitamins

Do a quick scan and remove all expired items. Check out week 3 in the series that looked at "Decluttering Medicine Cabinets and Drawers."

Tip #10 – Gift Sets

Yes, they look pretty, but they were meant to be used. Open them, give away what you don't want, and organize the rest, or repurpose them as gifts. That’s it, no second-guessing. Just do it!

Tip #11 – Empty or Nearly Empty Containers

Dispose of empty bottles, tubes, or containers that are taking up space and contributing to clutter. Stop romanticizing the almost empty shower gel, perfume bottles, etc., use them up and discard the bottles. Put it this way, if you do that, then you can go shopping.

Tip #12 – Nail Polish

If they are hardened or never used, trash them or donate the good ones to a little girl who wants to play dolly house.

In summary, decluttering your bathroom is important not only for practical reasons like hygiene, safety, and efficiency but also for creating a more pleasant and functional space. It can positively impact your physical health, mental well-being, and the overall cleanliness and organization of your home.

Give your bathroom some love today!

Remember to click the links below to watch the previous week's tips on, 30 Small Bites to #Clutter Freedom."



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