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7 Things To Declutter Before You Travel

“Travel is an investment in yourself,” and so is decluttering.
Blog post about 7 things to declutter before you travel

Welcome back to another Declutter Tuesday. This week we're going to have a little pre-travel declutter chat. Think of all the fun you will have on your trip knowing that you decluttered all of these items before traveling, and how much more fun you will have knowing that you can reward yourself with a little sumpin sumpin.

Let’s dive in!

7 Decluttering Tips To try Before You Make Your Next Travel Plans

These tips will definitely come in handy the next time you, or I, decide to travel – whether abroad or for a staycation.

1. Get rid of OLD SUITCASES/TRAVEL BAGS/TOILETRY BAGS. The truth is, we only need one good set of any of these items. Once they have done their jobs, ditch them and get the next set. STOP HOLDING ON to the travel set your favourite aunt bought you when you were 10 and the zippers no longer work, but you plan to get them fixed one day – you are now 10X3, or more, and the zipper still ain’t fixed. Also, if you have a set that you have outgrown, that hasn’t seen a new destination in years, please donate it – let someone else take it on a trip!

2. If you are doing a staycation, or traveling to a sunny, swimwear destination, now would be a good time to take stock of your beach wear and accessories and GET RID OF ALL THE UNUSED SWIMWEAR/COVER-UPS/BEACH ACCESSORIES, etc. I know my swimsuit babies just gave me the “evil-eye” and some are possibly having a tizzy right now, but hey, do you really need 2-dozen swimsuits with matching sunglasses? I’m just saying! Plus, some of them lose their form and elasticity over the years – try them before you wear them! Can you imagine walking down the beach wondering, “what’s that thing hanging between my legs?” only to find out it's part of your swimwear? Ouch! That may make for an interesting view for some, butt maybe not so much for others.

3. And, while we are on that topic, let’s GET RID OF THE 2-DOZEN SUNGLASSES...The End! Keep your 2 favorite pairs and donate the rest – let someone else look cool for a change.

4. Next up, TRAVEL DOCUMENTS. Now, I’m not talking about your visas and passports and other such documents of importance. I’m referring to all those brochures and flyers that get collected when we travel, with the hopes of revisiting our pleasurable times in that city/country, but never do. Then, they become dust magnets on your bookcases or somewhere else in your home. Sometimes you find them in the very suitcases no longer being used. Do yourself a favor and put them in the trash. Most things are available online anyway.

5. FOREIGN CURRENCY. Remember those British pounds you never used and didn’t give your cousin before you left? Yup those, the same ones that you also didn’t ask your bank if they could change to your local currency. It’s time. Check with your bank and if that doesn’t work, give them to your cousin the next time they visit. Or, use them in DIY art and craft - this is likely to happen before your cousin returns.

Tip #1: Try to use your credit/debit cards as much as possible when traveling, especially if the card offers reward points - this is a win-win situation.
Tip #2: Make sure to use up your cash so you don't have conversion issues and bank charges to deal with when you get home. This also limits the chances of being stuck with currency you can't convert as most banks don't convert coins. Just use them in the airport on your way home – food, drinks, souvenirs, etc.

6. CLOTHING / SHOES. While packing for your next trip use the opportunity to declutter your closets and draws. Always remember to make 3 piles – keep, trash, donate/sell. Chances are you will be purchasing new items on your trip so why not lighten your closet space to make room for the newbies. WIN-WIN!

7. FOOD. If your travel plans extend beyond a week, you may want to limit your grocery shopping prior to your trip and utilize all the items you already have in order to limit waste. Plus, no one wants to come home to a smelly house due to rotting food.

So, before you jet off into the sunset, or snow, for your next fun-filled vacation, follow these 7 simple tips to declutter the unnecessary and make room for the necessary. And, as always, remember, Clutter Attracts Clutter.

“Today is the day you rid yourself of anything that distracts from your best life.” ― Joshua Becker.

Do you normally declutter before you travel? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Decluttering!


Deon Cecile

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Marsha Dennie
Marsha Dennie
Mar 07, 2023

Thanks for the tips. No, I don't usually intentionally declutter before I travel. If I happen to have any items in the suitcases that are no longer of use, I will dispose of them, that's about it. The tips are quite practical, and I intend to use them even if I am not preparing to travel.

Deon Cecile
Deon Cecile
Jul 16, 2023
Replying to

Great Marsha. Glad the tips were helpful.


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