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The Year That Was..."2021"

If I thought 2020 was the year of mixed emotions and heart-stretching occurrences, then I'd say 2021 couldn't decide if it was on steroids or not.

So much happened and so much didn't happen. I had great plans for 2021. In November 2020 I committed to monthly newsletters, more blog articles, more YouTube videos and so much more. Then December 2021 arrived and I realized just how much of that I hadn't accomplished.

But you know what? 2021 was the year for me to just survive, discover, allow my emotions to flow, and be present for myself. Basically, the year of cleansing, coping, and recovering. There was so much I was holding on to, so much I'd dealt with in the past few years, and so much that I was carrying. I had to do a lot of self-love, letting go, bawling, accepting, and healing. It was worth everything! And in the end, I may not have accomplished the things I set out to do originally, but, I accomplished so much more.

Now, I'm ready to tackle my goals with a clearer, more focused mindset. God has been, and continues to be, good to me.