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The Electrifying World of a March-Born Aries Woman

Electrifying world of a march born aries woman

When you encounter a March-born Aries woman, brace yourself for an electrifying experience. We're not your average individuals; we're a blend of contradictions and complexities, wrapped in a package of unapologetic authenticity. Allow me, to use myself as an example, to take you on a journey through the vibrant world of an Aries woman born in March.

I must admit that not all Aries women are cut from the same cloth, but that goes for almost everything in this life. No two persons, things, or situations are the same, however, there are usually similarities to varying degrees.


8 Traits of the March-born Aries Woman

1. Loyal and Protective: Despite our assertive nature, we are fiercely loyal to those we care about. We are (overly) protective of our loved ones and will go to great lengths to defend and support them. Our loyalty is boundless which can often be to our detriment, yet we still believe in the greater good of people. But yuh si if yuh eva dis wi loyalty and wi decide say wi done wid yuh (google please translate), that’s it! We are done. There’s no coming, to come back.

2. Kindness Wrapped in Fire: Underneath our fiery exterior lies a heart of gold. We are beyond kind, yet we're not afraid to breathe fire when necessary. We will light you up like New Year’s Eve fireworks without apology. Nevertheless, we are gentle souls with an innate ability to handle even the most intense situations with grace and poise. I have had to relearn grace and poise many times after the fireworks have been set off. Sigh, it’s not easy, but I get it done if the situation dictates that I must.

3. Independent Spirits: Independence runs through our veins like a powerful current. We thrive on autonomy, charting our paths and refusing to be confined by societal norms or expectations. While our independence can sometimes lead us down unconventional roads; it's a vital part of who we are. Also, because of this independent streak, we tend to be impatient; a good and sometimes bad trait to have, yet both have their merits.

4. Loners: We can be loners, so if we bring you into our fold, please respect that. The funny thing is, we also like company but we are selective.

5. A Force to Be Reckoned With: Don't let our quiet moments deceive you; we're a force to be reckoned with. While we may not always seek the spotlight, our presence commands attention. Underestimate us at your own peril, for when we assert ourselves, we do so with unwavering determination and strength with a dash of steroid. And, the opposite is also true, when we go quiet…it’s deafening.

6. Adventurous: I used to be like this but not so much now. My knees and other body parts beckon me to think twice about what adventures I seek, but a little adrenaline rush now and then works. Plus, we like to try new things, even once (well, I do).

7. Fiery Temperament: Ah, yes, the infamous Aries temper. It's true; we can be prone to outbursts of anger when pushed to our limits. Yes, this is when we will spread out like beach towel and dip up some sand for you. Yet, with age and wisdom, we learn to temper our fiery nature, channeling our emotions into productive outlets – meditation, gardening, painting, throwing darts etc., - rather than allowing them to consume us. Here’s a little secret, keep us well-fed and happy, and you'll rarely see this side of us (I speak for myself here, other March-born Aries please raise your hands and comment below if this is you too).

8. Born to Lead: Leadership is in our blood; it's woven into the very fabric of our being. We aren't afraid to step up and take charge when the situation demands it. Our confidence and decisiveness often inspire those around us or annoy them. I believe age has challenged my leadership blood; sometimes I want to lead, sometimes I want to be lead, and other times I want to do nothing – I want to be a couch potato and just be.


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Our Drawbacks and Challenges

While we are admirable, yes, we are, we have drawbacks and challenges. Our impulsive nature can sometimes lead us to make rash decisions or act without fully considering the consequences; I have done this too many times to admit. Additionally, our fiery temperaments (mentioned above) can create friction in interpersonal relationships, particularly in high-stress situations. We can also become reclusive, only speaking to those we love and trust, limiting networking or new peopling.


In The End

Aries women born in March bring a dynamic and electrifying energy to every aspect of their lives, from the workplace to their personal relationships - passion, independence, intensity, and unwavering loyalty and kindness. Yes, we may be complex creatures, but beneath it all lies a heart that beats with fierce determination and boundless love. So, to my fellow March-born Aries women, I raise my glass to you; here's to embracing the fire within. Let’s continue to light up the world because we are a unique kind of magic. And, to all the other zodiac signs, do not come for me, love you, cheers! 

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