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Summer Essentials_What to do with the kids!

It's that time again when most parents revel in the fact they have no school drop-offs, less traffic, no homework, no uniforms to get ready, no getting up so early and the list goes on and on. But no sooner than they start to revel in that glory does reality slap them back to the present. How long is summer gonna be, they ask? What do I do with them all summer long?

Not to worry, there are a myriad of activities happening. Summer camps, art & craft workshops, regular summer school, sporting activities, robotics and much more. And there is always the option of the grandparents in the 'country.' I grew up in the country, so there was no 'shipping' me off to the grandparents in the summer. I had the pleasure of visiting them all the time. Summer time for me was a whole heap of outdoor fun. We never had computer, tablets, much less mobile phones. There was no game-boy, Netflix or cable. As a matter of fact there wasn't even internet.😲😱

Come to think of it🤔, how did we survive...LOL! That's a regular question from my god-children. But we did and we had fun too. Well at least I know I did.

So what's on the children's to do list this summer? Lots. I have crafted a list below outlining some of the activities that are happening. Please feel free to hop on over to the different pages and check them out if you are interested. Majority of these activities start on July 1st, a few have already started. Get your children in on them now.

Summer Activities:

  1. Summer Swimming | 12 months - 8 years | Aquaworx / @aquaworx

  2. Football & Swimming Summer Camp| 3 - 6 years |Aquaworx / @aquaworx

  3. Swim Surf & Scuba | 8 - 12 years | Aquaworx / @aquaworx

  4. Young Chefs Summer 2019 | 4 - 17+ years | Delicious Occasions Catering & Cooking Classes / @deliciousoccasionsja

  5. Moorlands Christian Summer Camp | 9 - 18 years |Moorlands Camp / @moorlandscamp

  6. Bookophilia Story Time |Saturdays |@bookophilia

  7. Racers Summer Camp 2019 | 7 - 19 years | Racers Track Club / @racerstrackclub

  8. Halls of Learning Summer Camp|3 - 13 years | Halls of Learning | @hallsoflearning

  9. Edutech Summer Camp 2019 | 3 - 16 years | Edutech / @edutechcampja

  10. UTECH Sports Summer Camp | 4 - 16 years | UTECH Jamaica / @utechjamaica

  11. Artscope | Teenagers | Edna Manley College / @ednamanleycollege

  12. Kaleidoscope | 4 - 16 years | Edna Manley College / @ednamanleycollege


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