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Having Faith

having faith

Last night, I was drawn to something I found recently, which I wrote almost 11 years ago. Not sure what I was going through then, to have written this, but it's definitely something I needed to have seen again.



'Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see.' ~ William Newton Clark

Too often we begin a journey and end before we obtain that which we sought. We stumble across obstacles, we taste defeat, we dance with the enemy. But we must never lose sight of that final destination or goal. We must never give up hope, we must never stop fighting and most of all we must never forget to have FAITH. Faith that the end will be exactly what it is supposed to be; be it good or bad.

God is the only one that can deter us from getting that which we seek. He expects us to ask for it through prayer. He expects us to work for it as well, but most of all He expects us to have Faith that He will deliver.

Mary McLeod Bethune said: Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.

Barbara Johnson said: Live for today, but hold your hands open to tomorrow. Anticipate the future and its changes with joy. There is a seed of God's love in every event, every unpleasant situation in which you may find yourself.

Written, August 31, 2008 at 6:43 am


️God planted a seed in my life, one which is beginning to show roots. Roots that will ground me in faith for an abundance of growth and fruitfulness to come.

In the last year, I have struggled with my faith, I have often thought that my prayers weren't being answered. But they were, I just couldn't see them. I had forgotten about my prayers. I had forgotten the faith that I needed to have had, having sowed my seeds in prayer. I started to loose sight. I started to give up.

But, there is a reason I found this article. I needed a reminder that I shouldn't give up. I needed a reminder about my prayers and the faith that I should have. I needed a reminder that all prayers are answered, just not in the time we want them to be answered. His timing is best.

It doesn't matter what your situation is, how difficult you think it is, how lost you think you are. Pray and have faith that the seed God has planted in your life will eventually bear the fruit that He intended. Just be ready for it when it comes, because it might scare you. And trust me, if it scares you, best believe it, this is what you have been waiting for. You now need to find your direction and start trotting. I don't know what fruits shall bear for me, but my hands are open.

I thank God everyday for the support system in my life. They are a constant reminder, especially when the days are rocky, that I must not loose sight of that which I seek and that prayer and faith are not just things you do, they are things you live.


Love & Light


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