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Happy Father's Day

They say Fathers are suppose to take you for walks, hold your hand, play your games, protect and guide you, be your champion, your hero, and your king. Give you a shoulder to cry on when you're sad, or hold your hair back when you're sick and the list could go on and on and on. My Dad on the other hand taught me to drink beer🍺, curse my 1st bad word🤭, showed me how to fix things 👩‍🔧 and made me get away with murder when Mom wasn't around🤫. And I'm good with that. He was my protector and my silent cheerleader.

He wasn't one for pictures or holding hands, nor was he much of a hugger. But the older I got, the softer he became and I could occasionally steal my hugs and kisses and get a picture in. He had a beautiful heart, as feisty as he was. I get a lot of my traits from him. None that I regret. Hmmm. Well maybe just one...the stubbornness. My Dad is no longer with us and I miss him dearly. He had the most uncanny way to say things and was one of very few words. But even in silence, his love was ever present. Happy Father's Day Daddy...3 years and counting. Miss you loads.💔 As we celebrate Father's Day/Dad's Day/Daddy's Day today, let's put our hands up in the air 🙌 🙋‍♀️ and celebrate our Father's. Know that you are special, loved and cherished. And whether you are a biological Father or not, be the best version of yourself for your daughters and sons. Make great memories, whether large or small.


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