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Redundancy 101_Part 1_My Take...

Today you are gainfully employed, doing the grind, making the dough, bringing home the cheese. Tomorrow, well, you are on a vacation; an unpaid vacation; a vacation you have so dreamed of. Except, in your dream, you are being paid to be on that vacation; you are going back to the 9-5 hustle after that vacation; you can spend all you want on that vacation because you have the backitive to pay for it.


It's not a vacation. It's your redundancy. You've been laid-off from work. Sacked. Put out to grass.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, redundancy is a situation in which someone loses their job because their employer does not need them. The Collins Dictionary has a similar meaning; discharge from a job or employment because of not being needed; dismissal.

Personally, I don't like any of the above, they just sound so cold.

What 'IT' is...

  1. It's worse than a bad breakup with the added effects - cow bawling, nose running, tantrum throwing, pity party kinda thing.

  2. It's the kick in the ass that so many of us deserve.

  3. It's that slap in the face that stings like a million wasps and frightens you like a Friday the 13th movie (I'm sure there are much scarier movies out there, I just don't know any).

  4. It's that feeling of severe depression, low self-worth, disappointment, anger, frustration, pissiness (is there even such a word), brokenness, fearfulness, anger (think I said that already...yup, but there is anger).

  5. It's one of the most challenging times you'll face: mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually and even physically.  It's the test of all test, with finance becoming your worst subject...with an exam you had better not fail. Or your ass will be broke and well, you know the rest.

BUT ☀️🌝🌞🌈

What' IT' is NOT...🥁

  1. It's not a show stopper; it is the creation of an epic Broadway show, YOUR show.

  2. It's that fuel that lights your fire... the return of your sparkle.

  3. It's that free-time you've longed for, begged for, wished for and oh how you've dreamed of it.

  4. It's that time to kick-ass and show everybody who told you NO, that you have much more fight left in you, that you are more than what they see;  that you are beautifully and wonderfully made; that you are unstoppable (even if you're slow out of the blocks).


So, will you become a "what IT is" OR a "what IT is NOT?"

More to come⏩...Redundancy 101_Part 2_How it Affects Your "Ally's"🤔

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Marsha Dennie
Marsha Dennie
Apr 06, 2019

Thanks for sharing. Love the optimism and insights. Looking forward to Part 2.


Karen Thomas
Karen Thomas
Apr 02, 2019

So true..Nicely put..Food for thought.


Well done. I empathise with all of the sentiments expressed. I think it’s the unexpectedness of it, the feeling that it’s underserved that create the anger. Until you see the opportunities that now lay before you, and you find the joy of each moment.


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