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Quarantine Musings_Part I: Things Learned During Covid-19

Covid-19 has brought the world to a halt, literally. People, companies and institutions have had to adjust how they operate, live and work. It's not business as usual and our lives will never be the same after this. I know for sure that mine won't be.

In a random conversation with a girlfriend recently she expressed how she felt about working from home. A few days later she sent me a note she had written about the lessons she had learned so far. Being the writer that I am, I said to her, "Nice. So where will you post this? I can post it on my blog as a contributory article from one of my subscribers." Her response was, "Ok, you do that, I'm not that brave yet." I laughed and told her I needed 2 more points as she had only written 8 and I want 10. Lol. Yes I can be demanding. But she complied.


10 Things COVID-19 Has Taught Me by Marsha Dennie

April 19, 2020

  1. Thanks to technology, I don’t have to physically see my family and friends to have a great time with them.

  2. The important things in life are the ones that we engage in to ensure that we are physically and mentally strong. As a result, I have been drinking more water; eating healthier; exercising more; and engaging in activities, like meditating, to build my immune system.

  3. Starting and maintaining a gratitude journal since January 1st was a great decision.

  4. I am grateful for quite a number of things I used to take for granted - being alive, my health, family and friends, food/water to eat/drink, a phone call from a friend to check up on me, internet connection, a job (and an income), a warm home, the ability to learn, and challenges that have made me stronger.

  5. I miss being hugged.

  6. I am more productive working from home (and that I would like it as an option after the crisis has passed).

  7. I am happy that I live alone.

  8. I enjoy my own company (I do also enjoy the company of others).

  9. I am happy I know how to cook (although I don’t have a passion for cooking, it is good to be self-sustainable at this time).

  10. I should stay home (not go to work) if I am feeling sick.

Marsha, is a Strategic Planner, Project Proposal Writer, Tesol Certified English Teacher and most importantly, a friend for almost all of my 44 years.


Covid and its side effects will be around for a while. How we choose to react or how we choose to change will alter our personal lives and possibly the lives around us. One of the things I will encourage everyone to do now is to spend time reflecting on their lives, while honestly acknowledging the things that are of most importance and the things that bring true joy to them. And of course, make sure you spend time doing more of those things from now on. Now is a good time to remove the things and people from your life that do not serve you nor help to nourish your soul.


This song hit the spot today, "I Smile" by @kirkfranklin and friends (@leandriaj, @thethirdmelvincrispell, @mskellyprice, @tyrese, @tasiasword, @jonmcreynolds). Take a listen on my YouTube Channel Playlist Gospel Vibes

What are some of the lessons you've learned so far? Hit us up in the comment section below 👇.

Continue to be safe.

Blessings, Love and Light.

Deon Cecile



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