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Planting a Seed for Your Life Using the Analogy of Art

Inspired by "From Piece to Masterpiece," a Podcast by Shawn Ashman.

Planting a Seed for your life using the analogy of art

There is a popular saying, "Never underestimate the power of a planted seed." And, as Fabienne Fredrickson says, "The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. Be patient and stay the course." But how many of us will admit to being patient and staying the course? Impatience for many of us is like wildfire; out-of-control and hard to tame. Nevertheless, planting the seed, staying the course, having patience, and being consistent will eventually bear fruit.

Louise Hay once said, "When you plant a seed, you expect it to grow; you don't wait 2 days and then dig in the earth and say, 'what's happening, what's happening!' You expect them to grow because you know there's a law and a process, and the seed will grow if it's in the right soil with the right amount of moisture."

How have you been nurturing the seeds that you have planted for your life? Stick with me as Shawn Ashman takes us on a journey of the power of "planting a seed," to create a masterpiece, using the analogy of art.


What is it that you have in your heart to do that you haven't yet started? Let's think about this as planting a seed.” When you plant a seed, you don't expect it to grow overnight so why then do you think that planting the seeds of your dreams should materialize overnight? According to Shawn, we should think of planting seeds as challenges; for her, it's a challenge to embrace her creative side, for her to focus on doing something different and doing something new.

However, she also cautions us about the dark underpaintings such as fear, doubt, and uncertainty that, though they can add richness to the experience, can also prevent us from planting that seed. Why? Because we often don't know where to start, or we think what we're doing isn’t right.

Start where you are, with whatever you have!


The focal point, in artwork, is the first thing that catches your eye - that resonates with you. Shawn suggests that we ask ourselves these questions when deciding on our focal point, "When I do this how can it benefit someone else, how can this inspire someone, what is the message behind what I'm doing and, can this be useful to someone else?" If the answer to the last question is yes, and usually it is, then she encourages us to put our heart and soul into it – "Tap into your happiness, your love center, and find the joy in it."


When working on our art, the types of paint and color we select add uniqueness to our masterpiece. In life, the splashes of paint and color are the ways we tell our stories, how we communicate and share our experiences, and how our emotions exude through our project(s). That is the uniqueness that only we can bring to our project(s). Paint and color in life, just as it is in art, can sway thinking, evoke emotions, and is a powerful form of communication.

Do your part and let God and the universe take care of the rest.


Detail in painting is when we add fine prints, small marks, highlights, more shadow, and create more depth; in other words, we make it come alive. Some details are almost imperceptible, nevertheless, they can ignite inspiration in others, create a sense of appreciation, and reveal a beauty or an essence that makes for a magnificent art piece for the beholder.

When we plant seeds in our lives and start adding the details, we are making our lives come alive. As Shawn reiterates, “Take the time to improve who you are and what you do. Change your perspective on some things, embrace a period of fasting where you fast from thoughts, ideas, people, food, practices, etc., and start fresh, give yourself an opportunity to grow, give yourself a second life.”

We are all works of art.


I once read somewhere that adding the finishing touches to our outfits makes us go from boring to scorching. We ladies, and men too, can appreciate this sentiment. The finishing touches bring everything together - that added piece of jewelry or tie pin; or in art, that frame, the sealant, etc. According to Shawn, when she adds finishing touches to her artwork, for example framing a piece, “It looks good, and it presents well.”

"The law of nature dictates that not every seed planted will grow, and not every grown seed will bear fruit, but some will grow and bear fruit! ~ Deon Cecile

Plant your seed

Stop making excuses

Commit to follow through



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