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Ordeal or Adventure

'Attitude is the difference between an Ordeal and an Adventure.' True or False?

Think back to one of the many situations that you've found yourself in and the subsequent outcome. Was the end result an Ordeal or was it an Adventure? How was your attitude then?

At my age, I've had many a situations. Have I always dealt with them with a good attitude? Heck no! 🙄 When you are younger, you are more 'pig-headed' and certainly as stubborn as a mule. You know everything and everybody else is always wrong. You also take A LOT FOR GRANTED.

But as you age, you realize what the 'older' folks have always been saying. Yup, I'm in that 'older' folks category how the tables have turned. But anyway, you learn to listen more and you change your attitude towards how you handle situations. I know I certainly have. And you know what, I've found the adventure part to be way more exciting and less stressful than the ordeal part. Note I didn't say it was stress-free, I said it was less stressful. For me. That's a big deal.

Read Craig Dewe's, '11 Tips for Maintaining your Positive Attitude.' Try and practice a few of these the next time you find yourself in a particular situation.

Take the ADVENTURE, you may find a rainbow waiting at the end.🌈

How did you deal with your last major situation? What was the end result? Would the result(s) be different if your attitude was different? Share your thoughts with us.


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