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Embracing The Body You Have

For years, I grew up not accepting the body I was gifted with. I constantly believed my thighs were too thick, my butt too big, the curves were too much, and the jiggles were just a bit too jiggly. Now, I'm embracing all of it, no matter the size or shape that I am now or will be.

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How Full Is Your Love Tank?

Is your love tank full and overflowing or empty and on the brink of non-existence? Just like the gas tank in your car, when it's full you can go anywhere and feel comfortable in doing so; however, when it's nearing empty, you have to choose where you go or how far you can go. And God forbid you run-out, well, you're stuck right where you are until you can fill that tank.

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Getting Into The Spirit of Things

Getting into the spirit of things on the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Tour.  A walk in history, coupled with tasting of some of Jamaica's finest rums.


Smacking of lips from the sharp, smooth flavors of the 'browning' that fuzzies your insides and warms your inner circles. 'Twas a spiritual affair, the Appleton & Me.

Your Bedroom Needs #Decluttering Too || 5 Easy Tips

Your Bedroom Needs #Decluttering Too || 5 Easy Tips

Did you know that decluttering your bedroom is a recipe for a good night’s sleep? Imagine walking into a room that feels light, airy, and serene – heavenly! Last time on #DeclutterTuesdays we looked at your closet. Today we’re tackling the bedroom as it often gets overlooked during #decluttering. Here are 5 things you can easily #declutter to ensure your bedroom remains relaxing and peaceful. 1. Excess furniture. Many of us believe that the more space we have the more things we need to have. WRONG! Have you ever heard of #LESSISMORE? Try removing even one piece of furniture that serves no purpose, save and except for decoration and “bucking your toe on it.” 2. Extra Books and Journals. Look at your nightstand. Is it filled with multiple books and #journals? Keep only 1, max 2, on your nightstand, remove everything else. Doesn’t that look better? 3. Throw Pillows and Cushions. I hear the murmurs and feel the “eye cutting.” But that’s ok. How much time do you spend removing ALL those cushions and pillows before going to bed, and then have to put them back in the morning? Couldn’t you have spent your time doing something else? 4. Trinkets. All the little things that you’re not sure why you have them, except maybe someone gave them to you, and you feel bad about getting rid of them. If you feel that bad, put them in a storage box somewhere, or use them as decorative items somewhere else. If you can no longer find use for them, or they no longer fit your space, just gift them to someone else who will appreciate it. 5. Work Related Items. Laptops, papers/files, desk, etc. Work tends to heighten our stress levels, no matter how much we love it, so why would you want to harbor work-related items in your bedroom? Plus it limits your ability to shut down, your subconscious will think you're still in work mode. That’s it for today. Five simple things that you can spend less than 30 minutes decluttering today. DO IT NOW. THANK ME LATER. Let me know what you got rid of. Comment below, or in my DMs if you’re shy. Remember #ClutterAttractsClutter. Rest well Fam. Happy #DeclutterTuesday. Cheers #iamdeoncecile #Blogger #ChiefVirtualOrganizer #DeclutteringTips THANKS FOR WATCHING❤️ • • • CHAT WITH ME 🗣🗣🗣 ✻ Blog: ✻ Instagram: CHECK OUT

Ladies, if you are 40 and over it means you have spent years acquiring things and people while forming certain habits. We get emotionally attached and find it hard to let go, but it's time to start purging. And after the purge, GUESS WHAT? There's retail therapy because, there are just some things we must own at this stage of our lives.  We must transition.


We are moving into the age of classy, sleek, stylish, comfortable and elegant, we no longer want clutter and confusion, suffocating or out-dated fashion, a broken bank account or a home that's hard to keep clean. Isn't that true? My guess is that it is. So. We need to plan ahead and get some of those must haves. 


And just like purging and transitioning, there are some activities we should have already tried or experiences we should already have done before 40. Plus some we still need to try.  Heck, life is full of experiences and honey after 40 you recognize just how much of what you can and cannot do or tolerate. 


GOOD THING, because here comes the health issues that pop-up over night. Trust me, some you never even see coming. And they can put a damper on your life, but, again, it's how we deal with each thing that makes the difference.


You know what the fun part is? After 40, you glow and you blossom into a beautiful butterfly, waiting to take on life's other experiences with the tenacity of a woman who has been there, done that, knows what she wants and doesn't give a crap what others think! Unless of course it's helping her improve in some way.