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Embracing The Body You Have

For years, I grew up not accepting the body I was gifted with. I constantly believed my thighs were too thick, my butt too big, the curves were too much, and the jiggles were just a bit too jiggly. Now, I'm embracing all of it, no matter the size or shape that I am now or will be.

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How Full Is Your Love Tank?

Is your love tank full and overflowing or empty and on the brink of non-existence? Just like the gas tank in your car, when it's full you can go anywhere and feel comfortable in doing so; however, when it's nearing empty, you have to choose where you go or how far you can go. And God forbid you run-out, well, you're stuck right where you are until you can fill that tank.

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Getting Into The Spirit of Things

Getting into the spirit of things on the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Tour.  A walk in history, coupled with tasting of some of Jamaica's finest rums.


Smacking of lips from the sharp, smooth flavors of the 'browning' that fuzzies your insides and warms your inner circles. 'Twas a spiritual affair, the Appleton & Me.

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