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What are you reading now!

What are you reading now?

A month ago I posted this article on my LinkedIn page. Today I am re-posting it here because I strongly believe that we need to spend some time developing a good habit of reading. Just like many of you, I have been delinquent, always making an excuse, I will get to it later.

But I am #becomingpurposeful with my reading, like with everything else in my life at this point. Join me. #Pickupabook #getreading #daybyday #gettingbetteratit #knowledgeispower


Many, many years ago I bought a book-marker that outlined the top 10 reasons why one should read. I had the greatest of intents, at the time, to start reading more often. Somewhere along the line I lost the zeal to read and also lost the book-marker...or so I thought. In trying to find something this morning, guess what I found, yup, the book-marker. I read the 10 reasons, which I have shared below, and was instantly reminded of why I bought it in the 1st place, apart from the fact that it is pretty :-).

There is a reason I had lost it...there is a reason I have now found it. I believe everything happens at the time it is suppose to happen.

1st book on my hit list...Maya Angelou's 'I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.' A book bought years ago, loaned to several persons, but never yet read by me, the owner.

Top 10 Reasons:

  1. Frees your mind

  2. Impresses everyone with what you know

  3. Develops your imagination

  4. Chases away boredom

  5. Teaches you something

  6. Takes you to Faraway Places

  7. Sends you to the past or into the future

  8. Introduces new people and cultures

  9. Opens up new worlds

  10. Gives you serenity

Are your top 10 reasons for reading different from the above? If so, share your reasons in the comments.


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